Catalyst Wealth Prashant Sawant

GTO Aluminum

Client Details Name: Catalyst Wealth / Mr. Prashant Sawant Services: Indian Stock Market Trainer And Technical Analyst Website: Project Overview: Sales Funnels, Demand Generation, and Marketing Automation Objective Catalyst Wealth, led by Mr. Prashant Sawant was looking to increase enrollment in their options trading courses by leveraging effective sales funnels, demand generation, and marketing […]


GTO Aluminum

Client Details Name: Recruitemy Services: Professional Recruitment Training and Coaching Website: Project Overview: AI Content Creation, Bulk Community Management Objective Recruitemy, a professional recruitment training and coaching consultant, required monthly bulk AI content creation for the LinkedIn profiles they manage. The core objectives of this project included managing their content and overseeing their community […]

Dr. Sandeep Sabnis

Client Details Name: Dr. Sandeep Sabnis Services: Gastointestinal Surgeon (Nashik) Website: Project Overview: Sales Funnels, Website Design, Lead Generation Campaigns Objective Dr. Sandeep Sabnis, a renowned gastro-intestinal surgeon based in Nashik, specializes in a range of bariatric surgeries. When we connected with him, he was looking to enhance his digital presence and improve lead […]

Ennoble Case Study

Client Details Name: Ennoble Services: Education Focused Non-profit Organization Website: Project Overview: This was a B2B email outreach campaign focused on getting Ennoble meetings with CSR heads at eligible Indian companies. Objective Ennoble is a game-changer in addressing the needs of rural schools. They partner up with various companies and provide CSR planning and […]

Act Now Hypnosis – Case Study

GTO Aluminum

Client Details Name: Act Now Hypnosis Services: Remote & In-person Hypnotherapy Sessions Website: Project Overview: Sales Funnels, Demand Generation, Retarget Campaigns Objective Bob has an experience of more than 4 decades of professional experience helping individuals overcome past traumas & phobias with the help of hypnotherapy. The main objective of this campaign was to […]

GTO Aluminum USA

GTO Aluminum

Client Details Name: GTO Aluminum USA Services: Aluminum Cladding (Interior & Exterior) Website: Project Overview: Sales Funnels, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, Retarget Campaigns Objective GTO Aluminum, specializs in environmentally friendly cladding and wall siding for both interior and exterior designs. They wanted someone to maintain & grow their digital presence and generate qualified leads. […]



Client Details Name: Tamesol Solar Services: Solar Panel Manufacturer and Distributor Website: Project Overview: Social Media Management, Blogs, Website Redesign, SEO, Lead Generation Campaign Objective Tamesol is a leading solar energy company with a commitment to excellence and innovation in photovoltaic products is. Their objectives with our Fractional CMO services were: Increase brand awareness: […]

SPARK Services

Client Details Name: SPARK Services Services: Computer Repair, VoIP, IT Services, Network Cabling Website: Project Overview: Website Redesign, Social Media Management & Content Marketing Objective SPARK Services is a client of Socinova & Trigacy since 2017. They originally came to us only for social media management but later on, the project expanded to website […]

CGA Weight Loss

Client Details Name: CGA Weight Loss and Surgical Specialists Services: Bariatric Surgery, Sleep Apnea, Dietary Advice and Guidance, General Surgery Website: Project Overview: Social Advertising, Video Advertising, Social Media Management Objective CGA Weight Loss and Surgical Specialists have been working with us since 2020. The primary objective of their managed marketing was to generate […]


Previous Next Client Details Name: Pranyx Services: Debt Collection Software & CRM Website: Project Overview: Social Media Content, Blogs & Videos Objective Pranyx is coming up with an innovative CRM to help improve the debt collection experience, without losing the human touch. During their prelaunch period, they wanted to start creating content that tells […]