Client Details

Name: Catalyst Wealth / Mr. Prashant Sawant

Services: Indian Stock Market Trainer And Technical Analyst


Project Overview: Sales Funnels, Demand Generation, and Marketing Automation


Catalyst Wealth, led by Mr. Prashant Sawant was looking to increase enrollment in their options trading courses by leveraging effective sales funnels, demand generation, and marketing automation. Their goal was to maximize the potential of current available courses through online purchases.


Despite their expertise in options trading, Catalyst Wealth faced challenges in attracting new participants to their courses. This was mainly because they hadn’t tried sales funnels or ads before. Also, there were no effective landing pages or funnels in place. Trigacy had to start from scratch.


  • The nationwide campaign for Catalyst Wealth successfully reaches 100,000+ people each month significantly increasing brand visibility.
  • The campaign drives 3000+ website traffic, indicating strong engagement and interest from the audience.
  • The campaign brings in 100+ conversions a month, providing a consistent flow of new leads.
  • With an ad spend of ₹75,000 a month, the campaign achieves a gross return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.10, indicating effective use of the advertising budget.
  • The expected average lifetime customer value was estimated between ₹25,000 and ₹30,000, suggesting long-term financial benefits from the new customers acquired.

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