Giving Back to the Community

What Is Project Nelda?

Project Nelda is a Tree plantation NGO based in Pune, India that is actively working towards making our community a greener place. It is a not-for-profit enterprise, a part of Deshpee Group, which works for the nurturing and preservation of our environment.


Trees planted & currently managed by Project Nelda


Man hours contributed by Nelda Volunteers since 2016


Total volunteers who've joined Nelda's activities

How does Trigacy Give back to the community with Project Nelda?

Trigacy has been working with Project Nelda since its inception. Since 2016, Trigacy has actively taken part in not just donating to Nelda Foundation, but our team has been volunteering physically too.

Making this world a greener place

the Impact we have created

City Beautification
Volunteering Opportunities
Avoiding Soil Erosion
Battling Climate Change
Community Engagement
Encouraging Biodiversity
Creating Green Parks
Ecosystem Development
Restoring Environmental Balane
Social Awareness
Water Conservation
Combating Pollution

You Too Can Be a Part of This Project

By providing us a chance to work on your marketing campaign, you’re indirectly supporting Nelda and our environmental conservation efforts.

Nelda aims to inspire the youth to take action towards a greener future, and we’re proud that we are a part of this movement.

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