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Fractional CMO Packages

Get the full power of a Chief Marketing Officer with a remote team that has a decade of marketing experience.

Fractional CMO


Consult + Execute

Trigacy Performance Guarantee

We believe in our service and team so much that if we don’t meet our KPI in the first 3 months, we’ll extend our service for another 3 months at no extra cost, halving your risk and doubling your chances of success.

You should hire a Fractional CMO if you have...

At least $15K+ Monthly Recurring Revenue

Average Lifetime Customer Value Over $2 K+

Dynamic Management Team Looking for Growth

How we achieve growth for your brand

Performance Marketing

We generate leads & conversions from platforms like Meta, Google & LinkedIn by creating impactful advertisements. 

Email & Social Outreach

With our email & social B2B outreach campaigns, we help you reach audiences you couldn’t before.

Conversion Rate Optimization

From your landing pages to emails and even cold calls, we help you improve conversions across the funnels.

Content Marketing & SEO

Test new marketing funnels, drive more traffic & regularly create great content with us on your side!

Recommended Monthly Marketing Budget

For us to make this campaign profitable for you within 90 days, we recommend you invest at least $5K a month in total. Along with our fees, you must budget for ad spend and the required software purchase. But in the end, the whole campaign will pay for itself 2.5-3 times, giving you a handsome return on investment.

What's better than an individual as a fractional CMO? A team!

Transform Your Marketing in 90 days

Business Assesment & Opportunity Identification

  • Market research to identify trends and competitive landscape
  • Setup latest marketing tools
  • Resolve critical marketing bottlenecks
  • Optimize digital brand presence
  • Launch new marketing campaigns

Strategy Implementation & Oversight

  • Analyze & restructure campaigns
  • Identify & tackle customer pain points
  • Strategic content creation for social media
  • Funnel optimization to maximize conversions
  • Weekly reviews & strategy discussions

Campaign Measurement, Analysis, & Optimization

  • Structured campaign reports
  • Monthly KPI analysis & to-dos
  • Doubling down on winning strategies
  • Eliminate strategies with low ROI
  • Recommend new/updated job roles in the marketing department

We've scaled 100+ profitable campaigns!

Hear from our clients!

I’ve been working with Vedarth and his team for years. Their services are essential to my business. They are very focused on making sure my clients get the best social media posts with little effort from me.
Melanie Amorim
Vedarth Deshpande and his team are very tremendous to work with! Very responsive to social media suggestions and recommendations and positively involves his clients in the process to provide the best quality service · ️
Meaza Orokii
Vedarth is wonderful to work with and has been great on many projects. He is able to deliver quality & communication.
Mark Connect
Professional, and knowledgeable. Always willing to help as much as possible to ensure your needs are met. Definintely would recommend to anyone.
Joshua Sunny Chuah
Vedarth as done a wonderful job accommodating my businesses needs. I would highly recommend this company’s services.
Sanatosha Sewar
Great company! High quality posts and social media content. Always willing to help with a quick response time. Best value for the money for all social media needs that I have encountered.
Raffie Conca
Vedarth & his team were fantastic to deal with! Highly recommend. Thanks for everything !
Emma McMahon
Great Service, Reliable, Timely responses and reply, Always willing to work with you to fit all your needs. would recommend to anyone.
Alex Massa Jr.
This is an expert team of social media and marketing professionals. Highly recommend for start up and small businesses that want to jump start their marketing efforts.
Renee Walker

Profitable Campaigns for companies of all sizes

Developed ad campaigns & sales funnels and generated a pipeline of USD$400K+ within the first 60 days of Fractional CMO services.

Performed conversion rate optimization, created sales funnels, worked on ad campaigns that resulted in deal pipeline of more than €5M.

Worked on ad campaigns, content marketing & marketing automation, resulting in 25+ qualified weight loss surgery leads a month.

We leave no stone unturned for your success

Why it makes sense to hire a Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO

  • Lower costs guaranteed
  • Can be hired on an as-needed basis
  • Brings a fresh perspective to marketing
  • A wider network of talent & resources
  • Engaged and deployed quickly on a project basis

Full Time CMO

  • Costs upwards of $10K a month
  • Far more difficult to initiate and terminate
  • Can be carried away by traditional practices
  • Limited by the company’s resources
  • It takes months to hire a CMO & then assign a project

Effective Consulting + Prompt Execution = Success

As your Fractional CMO, we are bound to consult you on all the marketing projects, objectives, and obstacles that your company might be facing. But that is not all that covers the scope of a Fractional CMO. Below is just a small glimpse of the many activities that will be associated will our role as your Fractional CMO.

Marketing Strategy
Brand Management
Market Research
PPC & Social Advertising
Organic Promotion
Content Strategy
Budget Management
marketing Innovation
Customer Aquisition
Community Management
Sales Campaigns
Risk Management
Public Relations
Campaign Analysis
Management Tools Setup

Technologies we work with

Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO
Fractional CMO

Our smart marketers will adapt to any tech stack you have!

Companies around the world trust Trigacy!

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Fractional CMO FAQ

A fractional CMO plays a important part in your marketing team. They will be responsible in leading your team for various activities like developing marketing strategy, identifying pain points & solving them, improve your lead generation campaigns, etc. All this will help you to gain a competitive advantage in the market at a much lower cost.

Just book a consultation, review our expertise, and if you think we can make a substantial difference in your marketing, we move forward.

It depends on how much work is required for your exact situation. But generally, our packages are around $2,500-3,000 a month.

In most cases, we make our campaigns profitable within 90 days. So you’ll get a positive return on your investment on our fees within 3 months.

A Fractional CMO will come up with marketing & advertising ideas based on the nature of your business & provide with the most efficient ways to reach your target audience via online marketing channels & optimize the marketing campaigns to bring in more leads.

Yes, you can hire a fractional CMO on a project basis.

A startup should get a fractional CMO if they are utlizing majority of their human resource in just deciding marketing strategies. A fractional CMO comes with a previously proven industry experience & can speed your marketing activities substantially.

Yes. Being your Fractional CMO, we will be in-charge of your social media presence & marketing activities as well.

You’ll have direct contact with your fractional CMO, and our Team Lead. We’ll be available over emails, chat and scheduled calls whenever you require.

About Trigacy

We are based in Pune, India. 

Vedarth founded Socinova & Trigacy on 30th June, 2014. We’re working in the marketing industry for more than 9 years now.

We have more than 20 professionals on our payroll. Their skills include everything from content writing, graphic design, SEO, website development and more.

We assign an experienced professional to be the dedicated project manager for every client. Vedarth will also be a part of your Trigacy project.

No, there is no contract.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and international bank transfers. We will invoice you every month for our services in advance.

Every single person in our team is a graduate in marketing or related majors, and has at least one year of experience in their respective field.

Our project managers have more than 3 years of experience each with sufficient qualifications to support their role.

We’ve generated our best results when working with consumer services & B2B brands. 

But marketing principles in general are the same for any industry, and now after having worked with 100s of clients, we’re confident that we can generate results for any business.